What Is “Seated At The Writer’s Table”

What Is “Seated At The Writer’s Table”

Where did the show come from?

When I was trying to decide what type of show I really wanted to host, I was given the advice “Talk about something that you’re passionate about.  A topic that you can wake up and chat about, take through your day and speak with whomever will listen and then harass your significant other with at night because you’re so excited about your conversations throughout the day.”  Great advice, don’t you think?  So great that I became obsessed.

I asked myself, “What do I love?”  Well, I’m a trained musician and love talking about bands.  You know, debating the virtue of new music vs. classic rock or the Beatles vs. the Rolling Stones.  That could be cool.  I also love TV and Film and living in Los Angeles; surrounded by Actors, Producers and Directors, there would be no shortage of people to interview.  That would be cool too.

I analyzed and argued with myself about which direction to go until I realized that there was a common denominator.  In every conversation that I had about either subject, I always focused on the writing.  If I was talking about a song I was focused on the lyrics, if I was talking about TV or Film I was talking about plot lines and dialogue and; I noticed, when I was talking about books I would focus on character development.  Of course, there would be cross-over too.  Nothing makes me crazier than when a character on my favorite show does something completely out of character for no good reason.  God forbid a smart, well written show, takes a turn that is just stupid or lazy.  (I get very opinionated)  Suddenly, it all clicked.  I could talk about it all, if the focus was on the writing.  Fantastic!

Next, I had to come up with a name for the show.  I had a few good ones, but I must give credit where credit is do.  When I ran the name’s by my girlfriend she liked them, but instantly had two better ones.  (I’ve come to learn I should never argue with her when she’s right)  I ran those name’s and mine, by a trusted friend who; of course, picked one of her’s and “Seated At The Writer’s Table” was born.  I was thrilled.

Who Is The Show Meant For?

“Seated At The Writer’s Table” is really meant for anybody who geeks out over writing.  If you find yourself over-analyzing a plot-line or discussing the minutia of a character’s dialogue than this show is for you.  If you debate over who’s a better rock lyricist, Neil Peart or Pete Townshend, than this show is for you.  If you’ve read and debated the finer points of the Lord of the Rings more than once, than this show is for you.

When Can I Listen To The Show?

The show is a weekly podcast between 30 and 60 minutes depending on the guest and topic and can be listened to at any time by going to itunes or my website www.philgproductions.com.  If you like what you hear, I would really appreciate it if you left a rating and comment and; of course, spread the word.

What Will I Hear Every Week?

I will be interviewing writers of all genres, as well as industry professionals such as literary agents, publishers and script doctors.  Also; in case you didn’t know, I do a lot of professional content writing for businesses and therefore, will be speaking with experts in that field as well.

So whether you want to learn how to become a professional writer or just want to geek out about the craft with me, “Seated At The Writer’s Table” will have something for you.  From one lover of writing to another:

“Geek Out and Write On!” – Phil Giangrande

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