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  • #3 Anne Eston – Spec Scripts and Writer’s Block

    Anne Eston is a screenplay writer who has been writing since the 3rd grade.  In this episode we spoke about writing and submitting spec scripts, creating a strong protagonist and working through writer’s block.  Anne also told me when it’s ok to break the writing rules.   You’ll find her advice very useful.  Check out Anne…
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  • #2 Johnny Angel Wendell – The Secrets to Self-Publishing

    Johnny Angel Wendell is a rock-critic, actor, Radio Host of the popular SoCaL live with Johnny Wendell and author of the book Looking for Lady Dee.  In this episode we talked about the difference between writing articles and writing books, writing about his past as a punk-rocker and the pros and cons of self-publishing a…
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  • Vanessa Herron is a script-writer in Los Angeles. She was a Cosby fellow, has won multiple writing contests and has been commissioned to work on many projects in the past decade.  In this episode Vanessa gave some incredible insights on editing your work, discipline in writing and the structure of developing a plot-line and great…
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