Phil Giangrande began his career in post-production at CBS Cable in Conneticut doing work for The Discover Channel, The Learning Channel and Speed Vision.  After a few years, he was lured away to work for a small South Florida advertising agency in the position of Marketing Director where he was responsible for the creative direction and management of all incoming accounts. This included becoming a commercial writer and providing a web copywriting service to the clientele of the agency.

Phil  worked as radio producer and board engineer for iHeartmedia in Los Angeles specializing in financial, legal, real estate, business and political talk show programming.  For the past 15 years he’s coached radio hosts and business owners through the process of hosting their own show for the purpose of building their brand and/or client base.

The next step was training as a voice over artist, so Phil attended classes at the prestigious Kalmenson & Kalmenson.  Upon completing their Voice-over for professionals program, he began voicing commercials for multiple clients and to date has voiced over a hundred that aired both locally and nationally.

When political talk show hosts at iHeartmedia began putting Phil on the microphone during their shows, he realized that he had an aptitude for being an on air personality.  Soon enough, Phil got to a level where he could start offering himself as a radio host to the business owners he produced that wanted another presence on their show.  The effect was powerful! Branding got stronger and business increased for the shows Phil took on.

11 years ago, Phil recognized the power of Podcasting and began to produce podcasts for himself and others. Now, with literally thousands of episodes under his belt he is an expert in the field. From coaching on interview techniques to creating the perfect production, Phil is the one people tern to for help.

“I love the creative side of doing business and I’m very lucky that I get to help podcasters realize the look, sound and vision that they always wanted.” – Phil Giangrande

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