#63 Using A Novella For Powerful Storytelling – Carole Giangrande

#63 Using A Novella For Powerful Storytelling – Carole Giangrande

Why did my guest chose to write “Here Comes the Dreamer” as a Novella rather than a novel.  In this episode Novelist Carole Giangrande discusses her brand new Novella as well as writing in multiple voices,  when to write a backstory, letting the characters lead you, the structure of a Novella, constructing beautiful language, nature vs nurture and family dynamics, deciding what you want to explore as a writer, breaking structural rules, using time periods and geography to affect the storytelling, using fear and tension as a backdrop, Point of View and understanding how your characters relate to events, editing until you get the lies out, using symbolism and themes.

Check out Here Comes the Dreamer and more from Carole Giangrande.


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