#36 Star Trek, Script Consulting and Beyond – Art Holcomb Part 1

#36 Star Trek, Script Consulting and Beyond – Art Holcomb Part 1

How do you create a story that has longevity?  Television writer working with Star Trek The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise Art Holcomb says you must be aware at all times of the audience’s journey.  In this episode Art discusses making an emotional connection with your audience, writing for the emotional impact of a story, designing plotlines that explore important themes, characterizations and fixing a show in trouble.

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    Mike Plata

    Hi Phil, This is my first time listening to the podcast and I have to say that this conversation was very insightful and intelligent. Unfortunately, I can't claim to be a Star Trek geek (I missed the bus on that one) but that didn't hinder my ability to connect with and understand the conversation. I was really fascinated with Art's explanation on the "emotional line" and characterization. Paraphrased: "People want that connection with characters in a story line where they're solving problems WITH the characters, rather than just being a viewer." - Art Holcomb This is why fans kept coming back to Star Trek, and it's the reason why anyone goes back to any show, story, movie or even business (because every brand has a story). A really great conversation, Art and Phil! - Mike
    • Phil Giangrande

      Phil Giangrande

      Thanks so much Mike, really kind words. Art blew me away and I'll keep trying to find guests like him, but don't worry, They're not just based on Star Trek.

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