#14 Writer Turns Actor, Turns Writer – Kelli Crawford

#14 Writer Turns Actor, Turns Writer – Kelli Crawford

Writer and owner of her own production company Kelli Crawford talks about self-aware writing, the language of film-making, knowing when to ignore the rules of writing, collaborating and the psychology of a character.

Kelli has been writing since she was 5 (confirmed because her mom saved her first poem). Writing is breathing (even emails and lists). Her work as an actor greatly informs her writing and vice versa. In fact, a conversation with a casting director prompted her to start writing television pilots and screenplays to create her own roles. Her short film “Voices Keri” can be found on YouTube.

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Kelli Crawford
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  • Shann

    I loved this interview. You can tell Kelli is so passionate about everything she does, and she's so well-spoken. Can't wait to see what else this talented woman comes up with.
  • Alex Kitay

    I am the Alex to whom Kelli referred. Wow, I felt like I was in the interview! Kudos to Seated at the Writer's Table. What a great format! Phil Giangrande, I appreciate your style! I'm a new fan!

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