#118 Voices – Robert Yehling

#118 Voices – Robert Yehling

I spoke with author of “Voices” Robert Yehling at the LA Times Festival of Books.

Robert Yehling is a multi-genre, multi-subject, hybrid author who publishes both traditionally and through publishing partnerships. He is the Independent Publishers Book Award-winning author of nine books (soon to be 10) and ghostwriter of six others.

His list includes: five poetry/essay collections – the latest is “Backroad Melodies”, published in June 2013; two award-winning books on writing – “Writes of Life: Using Personal Experiences in Everything You Write” and “The Write Time: 366 Exercises to Fulfill Your Writing Life”; “The Champion’s Way,” a look at the 11 common characteristics of great champions and how we can develop them in our own lives; and “Voices,” a novel that will be published in Winter 2014.

Voices: Legendary rock and roll singer/songwriter Tom Timoreaux, who like many began during San Francisco’s epochal Summer of Love, emerges from a long retirement with his band, The Fever. When his backup singer cannot tour, he brings on his estranged daughter, Christine. As they sing together and heal their relationship, The Fever tours to national acclaim—and Christine becomes a star. Meanwhile, in Italy, Tom’s long-lost “love child,” Annalisa, views a Fever concert streamcast and must decide whether to reach out to a man she thought dead. Voicesis a father-daughter-daughter relationship journey set against a half-century of rock and roll, where love and healing are always possible and music speaks louder than words.

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