#115 Rewriting Your Life – Dr Ken Best

#115 Rewriting Your Life – Dr Ken Best

I spoke with author of “Rewriting Your Life” Dr. Ken Best at the LA Times Festival of Books.

Celebrity chiropractor Dr. Ken Best, D.C. has been sought after by the entertainment industry and greater Los Angeles for a quarter century due to his holistic approach to diagnosing and treating chronic ailments, treating thousands along the way.  

An expert in Applied Kinesiology (“AK”) and Thetahealing, Dr. Best combines the latest in physical and energetic therapies to identify and treat chronic problems and patterns specifically and holistically. A certified Applied Kinesiologist through the International College of Applied Kinesiology, he has amassed over 1,000 hours of study and teaching, and more than 20 years of experience as a seminar instructor for both techniques of Applied Kinesiology and Thetahealing. He has taught and assisted thousands of healers. 

In 2007, Dr. Best began writing for his energy healing courses to assist his students in making more impactful changes in their lives by creating a course workbook.  This prompted Dr. Best to begin writing Rewriting Your Life.  The 99 Series of Books heard about Dr. Best and asked him to write a short book for their 99 Series.  Nine months later came 99 Things You Wish You Knew Before . . . Facing Life’s Challenges.  This bestselling Sony Reader book reached No.4 in their charts.  The Second Edition has come out as 11 Best Ways to Face Life’s Challenges.   

Following Einstein’s proposition that light and sound would be the medicine of the future, Dr. Best tests current energy-based modalities and their effectiveness. Cold laser therapy, laser acupuncture, magnets and pulsed magnetic frequencies are just a few of the innovations he utilizes. He has found that ingrained beliefs systems, a.k.a. Energy Programs, express themselves physically while deeply affecting the healing process. While working to release them, he’s provided answers and relief for patients where none were previously found. 

Dr. Best’s services are routinely called upon for wellness and emergency care not just by celebrities, but by production companies needing to keep their cast and crew in optimal health.  

Dr. Best graduated magna cum laude from the Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles, California 1994; summa cum laude from Patten College A.A.S. 1990; and has a Bachelors in Business Administration/International Economics degree from the University of San Diego 1982. 

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