#114 Next Therapist Please – Laurie Finkelstein

#114 Next Therapist Please – Laurie Finkelstein

I spoke with author of “Next Therapist Please” Laurie Finkelstein at the LA Times Festival of Books.

Laurie Beth Finkelstein is the author of the award-winning Next Therapist Please. Based on her real-life experience hopping from one therapist to the next, it is a humorous take on heavy topics like depression, anxiety, OCD, and other mental health blessings.  

Finkelstein is also the author of the forthcoming AHOOT!which is a guide to medical marijuana for older adults. She is an expert in this area and knows how to break the stigmas associated with pot with a hit of humor.As an advocate and speaker, her responsible cannabis use based on personal experience and research. In her words, “I have experimented for five yearsso you don’t have to! 

Finkelstein donates part of her sales of Next Therapist Pleaseto NAMI, the National Alliance for Mental Illness. As amental health advocate, she is a NAMI member, two-time course graduate of the 12week Family to Family class through NAMI, and an ongoing attendee at NAMI support groups and lectures. Finkelstein is a graduate of Pepperdine BA in Liberal Studies, School of Professional Studies. 

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