#109 Creating A Fast Paced Series Through The Lens of Technology – Kyle Thomas

#109 Creating A Fast Paced Series Through The Lens of Technology – Kyle Thomas

Los Angeles,CA………..Love is beautiful even when it’s dark. “365 Days of Love Letters,” a new series starring heart throb actor Chris Salvatore, dives into the tricky games of dating in today’s age of digital voyeurism. Created by Kyle Thomas and produced by Jessica Bryant (“The Humanity Bureau,” “American Justice”), the series just dropped their teaser and has signed a team of powerhouses across talent, production, music, and fashion.
“The series follows two best friends who battle addiction — to love, security, and fantasy,” Thomas says. “We watch how far some people will go to gratify their needs at the expense of others.”
Also starring social media star, RJ Aguiar, the series highlights technology’s effects on relationships. “Social media apps promised to connect us,” Aguiar said, “but do they actually bring us closer? Or are they making us obsess over projecting an image while our own sense of self worth disappears?”
“People have become disposable: easy to find and easier to lose,” Salvatore said. “This series shows us modern day intimacy at a whole new level. It’s raw and riveting, and in this game of love, everyone is playing by their own set of rules.”
 The series has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise the money to finish the rest of the first season. The project, shot by Jessica Ramos (who worked on “Breaking Bad,” “Hail, Caesar!”, and “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”) and scored by Craig J Snider (who has worked with Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, and Katy Perry), looks to reach their goal of $50K by 8/12/18.
“We need everyone’s help to tell this story, because it’s a human story for the modern day,” Thomas said. “Do we as people each want love or do we just want power?”
The IndieGoGo highlights many levels of engagement, from set visits, personalized photos, and one-on-one chats. The first single from the show, “Envy,” sung by the haunting chanteuse Katie Hansen, is available for download on the project’s IndieGoGo. “Envy,” which Snider describes as a pop anthem about sex and awakening, is available for a donation of only $2.
Caitlainne Gurrerri (“Grey’s Anatomy,” “All My Children”), lead actress in the series, Borris Powell, international fashion designer, Alex Levine, and Dawson Schachter, producers, round out the team.
In this episode we discuss creating a series from the lens of technology, dating in Hollywood, putting structure to a series of fast paced beats, creating a personal brand, voyeurism with film, tone and intimacy in film, detachment of technology, creating music for film, finding the vulnerability of a character, character arc, casting, specificity in writing, improvising on set, the structure of a character’s evolution, collaboration on set, networking and creating the right team, how to write a song, prepping for the shoot days, mistakes learned, prioritizing locations, finding the funding and much more…

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