#106 Making a Feature Film From Writing to Release – Bailey and Molly Donovan

#106 Making a Feature Film From Writing to Release – Bailey and Molly Donovan

Writing with a universal theme in mind gives a story wide appeal and the ability to connect across generations.  In this episode sibling creators Bailey and Molly Donovan discuss the process of making a feature from writing to release.  There is a wealth of experiences to learn from.  You will hear things like:

  1. Writing to a universal theme.
  2. The genesis of the idea
  3. Managing a budget
  4. Strategic trades for things like catering.
  5. Creating a professional look on a small budget
  6. The rewriting process
  7. Character development
  8. Writing dialogue that’s real
  9. Lessons to learn about hiring crew
  10. Casting
  11. Raising Funds including grants from non profits, crowdfunding and family.
  12. Agreements for money.
  13. Breaking through production issues
  14. Cutting pages before the shoot
  15. Editing: tightening and knowing what to fight for
  16. Finding Distribution

Molly Donovan
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Bailey Donovan
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@backforgoodfilm (Twitter/instagram)
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