#103 The Reality Of Writing A TV Pilot – Kellie Crawford & Alex Kitay

#103 The Reality Of Writing A TV Pilot – Kellie Crawford & Alex Kitay

Co-Creators Kellie Crawford and Alex Kitay discuss the world of BDSM, Dungeons and the attraction of the Dominatrix profession in their new series Domina X.  I had many questions, particularly on how to interest someone in the show, that is not interested in the topic.  Their answers were compelling.  In addition we discussed:

  • Deciding what needs to be in the pilot and what doesn’t
  • What is a mood real and is it necessary
  • How to write a family story centered around a dungeon
  • The psychology of domination
  • Writing an ensemble with 3 female leads
  • Acceptance as a theme
  • When to drop into your story
  • Understanding Character motivations
  • The Unspoken truth and character secret
  • Breaking through a block
  • What you need in a pitch room
  • Market Research

Writer/Actor, Kelli Crawford, co-founded the production company, Frantic Lounge Films. Her work as an actor greatly informs her writing and vice versa. In fact, a conversation with a casting director prompted her to start writing television pilots and screenplays to create her own roles. In addition to several novels, Kelli has written television pilots, feature films and a play. Other notable writing gigs: she was a staff writer for Rock City News in Los Angeles, and for two years she was a member of the sketch comedy troupe, Sketch Shorty, as an actor/writer (and even a director and editor). Kelli wrote the short film “Voices Keri”, in which she also stars. It can be found on YouTube.


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Alex Kitay began writing, seriously, shortly after moving to Los Angeles. His first work was a solo performance piece entitled CHARLES MANSON, WHERE ARE YOU? Alex had the good fortune of having the work produced in four different countries to rave reviews culminating in a nomination for the Hilton Edwards Award for Outstanding Achievement in Production at the 2006 Dublin Gay Theatre Festival. DOMINA-X is the latest work co-created with Kelli Crawford. Both are excited about the project and ready to unleash it to the world.

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