#101 Writing Rock Legend Fiction From A Rock Journalist’s Perspective – Robert Yehling

#101 Writing Rock Legend Fiction From A Rock Journalist’s Perspective – Robert Yehling

Robert Yehling has had a long and successful career as a Rock Journalist and Author.  Beginning as a teenager, Robert wrote 1000 word articles for a local paper, interviewing, among others, rock legends.  Since then he’s ghostwritten many well known books and penned many of his own.  Robert also had a 5 year run as the Editor for American Idol Magazine and currently is the editor of the Billboard Music Awards and American Music Awards Event Magazines.

In this episode of “Seated at the Writer’s Table” Robert and I discuss drawing inspiration from his career for his new book Voices.  He provides insight on his process as well as; developing relationships between your main characters, living through the challenges of the Vietnam era and the music revolution of the 60’s and 70’s. writing dialogue for multiple generations coming from multiple places, understanding and writing his landscapes, rewriting and much much more.


is the story of legendary rock and roll singer/songwriter Tom Timoreaux, who like many began during San Francisco’s epochal Summer of Love, emerges from a long retirement with his band, The Fever. When his backup singer cannot tour, he brings on his estranged daughter, Christine. As they sing together and heal their relationship, The Fever tours to national acclaim and Christine becomes a star. Meanwhile, in Italy, Tom’s long-lost “love child,” Annalisa, views a Fever concert streamcast and must decide whether to reach out to a man she thought dead. Voices is a father-daughter-daughter relationship journey set against a half-century of rock and roll, where love and healing are always possible and music speaks louder than words.

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