Social media conceptIf you’re a business owner chances are you don’t have the time to sit on twitter, facebook, instagram, LinkedIn etc…because frankly, you’re just too busy.  The problem is, social media works.  So what do you do?  If you’re anything like most business owner’s in this situation, you post once a day from a social media aggregator account and that post is then automatically sent to all of your other social media accounts.  At first glance, this looks like a reasonable solution, but each social media platform has it’s own unique format, style and demographic.

At Phil Giangrande Productions we interview our clients to make sure that we are posting to Your accounts using Your voice not ours.  Furthermore, we approach each individual platform in the manner in which it’s core users intend.  In other words, you will not be just another business trying to sell your product or service.  Finally, we post to each platform with the frequency that is required to keep your audience engaged and growing.

Congratulations, you built your brand online! Now, posting great content that gets people to interact on your social media pages is one really good result.  The next step is converting your followers, friends and likes into potential customers you can nurture by adding them to your email list.  These days, an email is a valuable commodity and people are fed up and much less excited about giving it out to the endless marketers that ask for it. The must have a compelling reason and feel that their information will be well guarded and not abused.  Let us help you buy writing your social media campaigns in a way that creates a win win so that it becomes an easier decision to entrust you with their email.

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