Jingles, like all advertising styles, sneak in and out of popularity and currently are making a comeback.  Of course, they sound very different than they did back in the day of saccharinely sweet female vocal group melodies, but there is no denying they’re here again.  The reason for the resurgence could certainly be debated, but the fact is jingles work.  A good jingle embeds the company brand in the mind of the person listening…whether they like it or not.  This means your advertising dollars become effective more quickly.

Before Phil was an advertising junkie, he attended the esteemed Berklee College of Music in Boston as a Songwriting, Professional Music Major.  Part of the program involved; of all things, a concentration in professional jingle writing/production and Phil excelled.  Here is a sample:

  • “I could not have been more blessed to be paired with Phil Giangrande as my Producer and Engineer on my first show and experience as a Radio Host. In October of 2011, I was offered the opportunity to host a new weekly talk show in the greater Los Angeles market by taking on a position of leadership with a nationwide group known as The Real Estate Radio Network. Even being in Real Estate for several years, I never imagined doing radio, I had been in the Entertainment business for over 20 years, always on the business side never on the talent side. From the very first moment in studio I was completely at ease with Phil, he embraced me, empowered me and taught me to be completely comfortable in my own skin. More importantly, my business has never been the same and I’m addicted to the process. 4 years and counting……………… My Love, Gratitude and Respect can’t be expressed highly enough. ……….A Genius in the world of Radio.”

    Toni Patillo

    Host — Call Toni Real Estate Radio

    Toni Patillo
  • “ My experience with Phil Gianagrande is something I could have never imagined possible.  There is great trepidation about the commitment of both time as well as financial that goes along with a weekly radio show. After my first meeting with Phil and the station I was quite comfortable to move forward. IT was however, not until I had a few weeks under my belt and began to see the calls come in I thought to myself. I truly wish I had done this years ago. After 29 years in the industry, last year after adding radio to my marking proved to be my best year ever to date. Phil’s ability to speak on a topic with both authority and passion is quite impressive. I cannot imagine anyone not being extremely happy after working with Phil.”  

    Blair Aaronson

    Owner — Retirement Thru Design

    Blair Aaronson
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