First World Problems

First World Problems

A day off and me with no one to play with.  In the past that was usually how I got myself into trouble.  Nothing horrendous mind you, just the garden-variety guy with too much ego and not enough sense.  The crazy thing is, I’m always praying for some time off to do all those fun things that I see everyone else doing on Facebook, but I haven’t even been able to motivate into a shower yet.

My lady’s at work.  I’d like to be annoyed that she managed to plan a schedule that is the opposite of mine, but honestly I think it would be hypocritical of me considering my alarm wakes us up at 5AM a few days a week.  Man if you ever want to know if a girl really loves you, set your alarm for 5AM and wear protective head gear just in case.  Nope, she’s great…I’m just bored.

My friends are great too.  I left a few messages, had a few conversations, but it’s one of those days where everyone has too much life to take care of and very little time for my foolishness.  I could head down to the beach, but traffic is gonna be rough and the drinks will be rougher.   Better off staying close to home.

Maybe I should head over to the coffee shop and do some writing, but then it wouldn’t be a day off now would it.  Besides, it’s no fun writing when you feel like you have nothing to say.  “Good sense of discipline you hack!”  God I hate days like this.  I wonder if it’s too early for tequila?  I could pull out my guitar and work on a new song, but the last time I did, it sounded like Jackson Browne puked up a hair metal ballad.  No, that’s being too kind.

Oh, I know!  I could catch up on Netflix and it wouldn’t require getting off the couch.   How could I possibly be bored in this glorious world of technology?  Here we go…and the internet’s down.  “What the hell!”   Is this any way for the Lords of the internets to treat such a loyal and valuable consumer?

Wait…I could use my phone; it’s actually a computer.    “Alright now we’re talking.” Cool the Yankees won.  What else, let’s see. Mad Men is back for the final season…and in other news.

Oh Jesus!  2600 hundred people and counting, dead in a 7.9 earthquake in Nepal.  Hundreds more are buried in the rubble of the broken city.  Rescuers are unable to reach many of them.  Those who survived can look forward to a devastated economy….

And me without my Netflix…Damn.



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