• #107 DIY – Creating “DIWA” An Award Winning Film – Aina Dumlao & Bru Muller.mp3

    Meet Aina Dumlao and Bru Muller.  Two very talented filmmakers who came on Seated at the Writer's table to discuss the making of their award winning short film "DIWA".  In this episode Aina and Bru discuss the process of co-writing a script, adapting a short film from a feature,  re-writes, how to take a note on…
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  • #105 Writing on the Hulu Original The Path Season 3 – Lorna Clarke Osunsanmi

    Getting into the writer's room is not easy.  It takes persistence, networking, hard work, talent and the ability to work well in a group of  others with similar skills and ambition.  In this episode writer Lorna Clarke Osunsanmi discusses her climb from PA to writer's assistant and finally to staff writer on the Hulu Original…
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  • #104 Collaborating Between Writer & Director To Ground Comedy In Reality – Nicole Feenstra & Scott Rodgers

    They say that great comedy is grounded in reality.  In this episode the Creator/Writer and Director of the series "Broken Hearts Division" Nicole Feenstra and Scott Rodgers talk about their collaboration and the origin of the idea.  In addition we discussed: Constructing a pilot Editing the script for a short film Locations, costumes & blocking Writing comedy vs. drama Crowd-funding Working within…
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  • #101 Writing Rock Legend Fiction From A Rock Journalist’s Perspective – Robert Yehling

    Robert Yehling has had a long and successful career as a Rock Journalist and Author.  Beginning as a teenager, Robert wrote 1000 word articles for a local paper, interviewing, among others, rock legends.  Since then he's ghostwritten many well known books and penned many of his own.  Robert also had a 5 year run as…
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  • #100 My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 – Nia Vardalos

    I have been waiting to bring you my interview with Actress/Screenwriter Nia Vardalos from Scriptfest.   During our conversation we discussed her impressive career beginning with turning her one woman show into the blockbuster "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" to the recent release of the sequel "My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2" and everything in between. …
    Listen to the Episode Below (01:14:56)

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  • Casting Diector for “American History X”, Writes and Directs “Dirty Bomb” – Valerie McCaffrey

    Casting Director for over 30 years with credits such as American X, Valerie McCaffrey, has a unique understanding of what works on screen as she writes and directs her short film "Dirty Bomb".  In this episode we discuss the changes in the industry, giving 30 years of notes on scripts, writing a period piece and…
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  • Dissecting a Script for An Audition

    Auditioning in Hollywood has changed according to a recent guest on the show, founder and co-owner of the Actors Comedy Studio Gunnar Todd Rohrbacher.  During his 20+ years in the business, he’s seen production budgets for TV sitcoms and dramas stripped down and the audition process stripped down with it.  What does this mean for…
    Listen to the Episode Below (0:43:52)

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  • Father Knows Best

    “Hey dad, how ya doing?” I said trying to hold back tears.  I don’t cry. “I was about to ask you the same question.” he replied. I sighed, “How come it seems like I only see you when I need to talk?”  I hadn’t even realized it until right then, but it was a legitimate […]

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  • Too Old To Learn Something New?

    It’s been a long time since I was on a college campus.  The sensation is different, like visiting the playground your parents brought you to when you were a kid.  All the elements are still there; the monkey bars, the merry-go-round, and the seesaw…except you’re not really supposed to being playing on them anymore.  I […]

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